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Is the bungalow dying out? 11 October 2017

According to research by online estate agents HouseSimple.com, we are facing a dire bungalow shortage, with just 1 in every 14 houses currently on the market listed as a bungalow. And with little incentive for developers to build one-storey houses - due to the lower profit margins that are achievable compared to multiple-storey houses rather than a lack of demand - the death knell could have been sounded for the British bungalow.... Read More

Top tips for Autumn home security 06 October 2017

While the early autumn weather is producing some sunny days - it is worth remembering that the nights will soon start pulling in as winter approaches. And with October being National Home Security Month, Harrison Murray Estate Agency and the Nottingham Estate Agency have issued a seasonal reminder and some hints and tips on how to keep your property safe.... Read More

Warnings raised over student housing fire hazards 06 October 2017

Total Landlord Insurance has issued a warning to students and their landlords over fire hazards in rented properties, as latest figures reveal that 24% of high value claims (over £20,000) have been as a result of a fire. The most common causes of fire related claims are cigarettes, candles, appliances left on, overuse of extension leads, deep fat fryers and portable heaters.... Read More

Student rents remain static according to new report 20 September 2017

An annual report into student accommodation, compiled by student utilities and service provider, Glide Utilities, has found that private student rent has remained at an average of £100 - £119 a week, for the second year running. The news comes as a respite for students, who face increasing debts, with the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) last month reporting that students in England are likely to graduate with debts just shy of £60,000.... Read More

Demand for high end student accommodation set to rise 19 September 2017

Despite Brexit, the global demand for higher education places for students seeking to study in the UK is set to rise overall by 2020, with an increase of 870,000 higher education students, boosting demand for high-end accommodation in university cities.... Read More

New home building blocked by lack of land 12 September 2017

New research by the Federation of Master Builders" has identified that a lack of available small sites and a lack of finance top the list of barriers to SME house builders increasing their delivery of new homes. According to the FMB"s House Builders" Survey 2017, 54% of small house builders say accessing finance is a major barrier to their ability to build more homes (up from 50% in 2016).... Read More

Top tips to ensure your offer gets accepted 12 September 2017

Falling in love with your dream home is something most buyers will experience, but there is always a risk that your offer won"t be accepted and you"ll lose out. NAEA Propertymark shares a few simple tips you can follow to help secure your perfect property.... Read More

House prices up 5.1% 12 September 2017

The latest data and analysis from ONS/Land Registry has revealed that average house prices in the UK have increased by 5.1% in the year to July 2017. The annual growth rate has slowed since mid-2016 but has remained broadly around 5% during 2017. According to the UK HPI, the average UK house price was £226,000 in July 2017.... Read More

Bank of Gran and Grandad fuelling deposits 22 August 2017

The Bank of Gran and Grandad has now donated a total of over £37bn in funds to their grandchildren, with one in ten grandparents say this money was to be spent on a deposit for a house. The research from Saga shows that a further third of grandparents are still considering or intending to give a financial gift and one in ten are considering lending money to grandchildren.... Read More

Ex-cons reveal the top 10 deterrents for home thieves 22 August 2017

A new study released today by Co-op Insurance has revealed that smart homes are keeping burglars at bay. The study, conducted among a panel of ex-convicts, found that 89% of ex-cons would be put off targeting a smart connected home, with a further two thirds (67%) stating they would steer clear of connected cars.... Read More

Landlords adapt to new market as sentiments shift 02 August 2017

Kent Reliance today released its Buy to Let Britain report, showing the "shifting sentiment" in the market in response to the new tax landscape for landlords. In a survey of 754 landlords, run in association with BDRC Continental in the first quarter of 2017, 41% were positive over the prospects of their portfolios, slightly down from 44% in the previous quarter.... Read More

UK leads the way for digital house hunting 02 August 2017

A new study from HSBC has found the UK is leading the way in online property research as 93% of prospective home buyers revealed they use online channels to enhance property search. According to PropTech expert James Dearsley, property will be the next industry to face disruption, with property websites using technologies such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality to transform each stage of the home purchase.... Read More