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Bank of Gran and Grandad fuelling deposits 22 August 2017

The Bank of Gran and Grandad has now donated a total of over £37bn in funds to their grandchildren, with one in ten grandparents say this money was to be spent on a deposit for a house. The research from Saga shows that a further third of grandparents are still considering or intending to give a financial gift and one in ten are considering lending money to grandchildren.... Read More

Ex-cons reveal the top 10 deterrents for home thieves 22 August 2017

A new study released today by Co-op Insurance has revealed that smart homes are keeping burglars at bay. The study, conducted among a panel of ex-convicts, found that 89% of ex-cons would be put off targeting a smart connected home, with a further two thirds (67%) stating they would steer clear of connected cars.... Read More

Landlords adapt to new market as sentiments shift 02 August 2017

Kent Reliance today released its Buy to Let Britain report, showing the "shifting sentiment" in the market in response to the new tax landscape for landlords. In a survey of 754 landlords, run in association with BDRC Continental in the first quarter of 2017, 41% were positive over the prospects of their portfolios, slightly down from 44% in the previous quarter.... Read More

UK leads the way for digital house hunting 02 August 2017

A new study from HSBC has found the UK is leading the way in online property research as 93% of prospective home buyers revealed they use online channels to enhance property search. According to PropTech expert James Dearsley, property will be the next industry to face disruption, with property websites using technologies such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality to transform each stage of the home purchase.... Read More

Landlord confidence falls, despite high yields and profitability 02 August 2017

Landlord confidence fell across all key indicators in the second quarter of 2017, according to the latest quarterly index from BM Solutions. The quarterly BM Solutions/BDRC Continental Landlord Panel1 found that confidence in landlords" ‘own business" and the wider ‘private rental sector" are now at all-time lows, both down 5%.... Read More

Weak supply saves house prices in July 02 August 2017

The latest data and analysis from Nationwide has revealed that annual house price growth in July hovered around 2.9%, showing little change from June. Robert Gardner, Nationwide"s Chief Economist, had this to say: "The annual pace of house price growth remained broadly stable in July at 2.... Read More

Should we blame Landlords for the housing crisis? 02 August 2017

The Government"s recent assault on landlords with a series of tax hikes, have hit the sector hard, driving some to leave the buy-to-let market for good. The Government"s clear intention was to reduce BTL profits and contract the market, in an effort to stabilise house prices and help first time buyers onto the property ladder.... Read More

UK Property Market enters a period of stagflation 13 July 2017

According to the latest data and analysis from Hometrack, house price growth has been lower than inflation for six consecutive months. Whilst the average asking price is 3.3% more than in July 2016, the Retail Price Index (RPI) is rising faster (4.1% in May, according to the Office for National Statistics - Hometrack estimate the current value to be around 4.... Read More

Top tips for DIY landlords 13 July 2017

According to property consultancy, Galbraith, demand for good quality rental homes continues to rise across all regions in Scotland. With the private rental sector still offering a sound investment opportunity and high competition amongst tenants pushing rental prices up the firm is urging current and prospective landlords to consider the following top tips to ensure a successful tenancy.... Read More

Top tips to help you sell your house this summer 13 July 2017

The summer can be a tricky time to sell a property, especially if it"s a family one, due to school holidays amongst other things, so NAEA Propertymark offers this advice for sellers putting their property on the market during this time. The latetest data shows that during the summer months the housing market tends to cool down, with the number of house hunters and properties available for sale dropping throughout July and August.... Read More

Owners warned over listed building work or face jail threat 04 July 2017

Owners of listed buildings in the Midlands are being warned they risk unlimited fines or even a 12-month prison sentence if they carry out work without the right consent. Property lawyer Andrew Davies has issued the warning - saying owners who failed to seek building consent, or who get turned down but go ahead anyway, were taking "a huge risk".... Read More

10 top tips to buy properties below market value 04 July 2017

In this article Rob Moore, Co-founder of Progessive Property, shares his insight and top tips on how to buy properties Below Market Value. There are two types of BMV properties: those that can make you money, and those that have been ignored because they are money-draining duds.... Read More